About TLS

What Is TLS (Transitions Lifestyle System®) and How Are We Different?

TLS Weight Management Solution is a customizable, science-based program designed to fit you and your unique lifestyle. We believe that weight management is personal, which is why we offer multiple personalized programs to help you reach your goals. While other programs tell you what they think works; with TLS, it’s all about what works for you.

How It Works

TLS Weight Management Solution encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, body composition, supplementation and education; offering extensive, custom-made plans that cover everything you'll need to get fit and fabulous. This inclusive approach will assist you with achieving your weight management goals and leading a new, healthy lifestyle.

What You'll Eat

Our low-GI based program centers on food quality, because wholesome food produces lean, energetic people. Controlling the GI of your foods promotes normal blood-sugar levels and enables the body to stay in a fat-burning mode. By changing your diet with TLS you will feel energized, alert and productive.

Body Composition

To obtain a healthy body composition, TLS focuses on the loss of body fat to increase the amount of muscle vs. fat. This is important because muscle dictates metabolism. To support an ideal body composition TLS provides a BMI calculator, advice on body measurement and exercise plans.

Weight Management Supplements

To enhance your weight management efforts, TLS offers several scientifically-developed weight management supplements. Each formula addresses different processes in your body that cause you to gain weight or prevent you from losing weight. Explore our range of supplements to find products that suit your weight management needs.


TLS Weight Management Solution focuses on both the body and mind to ensure that your weight management is sustainable. We provide the education you need to change your life with the TLS Health Guide and Journal, FREE Weight Management Profile, educational videos, and the social media support pages.

Weight Management Profile

The Weight Management Profile is a simple but comprehensive questionnaire. Your answers to a series of questions about your weight management goals, lifestyle, habits, physical activity, and nutrition are then plugged into an algorithm to create a customizable weight management plan that fits into your unique lifestyle. This weight management plan will include recommendations for nutrition, exercise and supplementation that corresponds with your individual needs for successful weight management.

Become a Coach

TLS Coaches are a vital part of the TLS Weight Management Solution because they help change lives with our science-based weight management program and weight management supplements. Achieve success by becoming a TLS Coach and start sharing the TLS Lifestyle you love to live with the world.